Hand carved solid marble bust of Confederate President Jefferson Finis Davis

While Confederate monuments are debased, torn down and hidden away you can own your own piece of Southern heritage!


Offered here is a stunning, life-size (about 23 inch high) solid white marble bust of Confederate President Jefferson Davis.

This is not cheap fiberglass or mass-produced plaster or cast marble dust, it is individually hand carved and polished solid white marble executed by a master artist.  This stunning likeness of Jefferson Davis is based on the famous 1862 inauguration bust done from life by artist Fredrick Volck.  The Volck bust was later used as the basis for the Confederate postage stamp bearing Davis’s likeness.  The Volck bust used as a primary model for this work is currently on display at the Confederate White House in Richmond, Virginia.

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Davis was the first and only president of the Confederate States of America.  He was a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy, distinguished during the Mexican American War, a U.S. Senator from Mississippi and much admired and accomplished Secretary of War under President Franklyn Pierce.  So loved were he and his wife Varina that it is said at the conclusion of his speech on the floor of the U.S. Senate resigning his seat at the 1861 succession of his home state of Mississippi sobbing could be heard throughout the Senate chamber.  One month later, in February 1861, the Confederate Congress in Montgomery, Alabama selected Davis to become the provisional President of the Confederacy. He was inaugurated for a six-year term as President on February 22 of the following year and served until the surrender of the Confederacy and his capture by Northern troops in 1865.


Davis’s position on slavery was far more nuanced than commonly taught.  While like many of his generation, he supported the evil of slavery he also advocated the humane treatment of all people and gradual abolition and emancipation.  Jefferson Davis established a model slave community at his plantation just south of Vicksburg, with the enslaved community receiving far better food and housing than elsewhere in the state and an extraordinary degree of autonomy. Some other planters mocked Jefferson and his brother Joe Davis but the Davis family was held in high regard by the black community.

According to Eric Foner’s in his book Reconstruction, after the War a group of Mississippi freemen pressed for Davis’s release from prison and even provided financial support to him and his family – left destitute after the war and his imprisonment saying,

“… some of us well know of the many kindnesses he shown to his slaves on his plantation.”

Though imprisoned for nearly three years, Davis was ultimately never tried for treason.  He died in New Orleans, Louisiana in his 80th year on December 6, 1889.  Shortly before his death, the former President of the Confederate States of America beseeched the young men of Mississippi to

“lay aside all rancor, all bitter sectional feeling, and to make your places in the ranks of those who will bring about a consummation devoutly to be wished—a reunited country.”




This bust is hand-carved natural white marble and is an extraordinary life-size likeness of Davis.

Having done all the research and paid the artist to produce a model, I will produce a maximum of ten hand-carved solid marble busts before I take possession of the model and no further copies will be made. 


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